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Quick Lease Guarantee – Extreme

Landlord’s Agency Real Estate Rental Listing Contract Amendment

AMOSO Realty LLC herby agrees to Locate a Ready Willing, and able Prospect, as defined in the Qualified Prospect section of the Amendment, for Leasing at the Property Located at:

Full Rental Property Address: Street Address, apt or unit # if needed, City, State and Zip , “The Property.”

For  Rental Property Legal owner Name (person, LLC, trust, etc.), “Owner”

within 30 days of defined Quick Lease Start Date.

Quick Lease Start Date:

The date this requirement shall start to be measured will be the later of the following:

  1. Effective Date of The Landlord’s Agency Real Estate Real Estate Rental Listing Contract between AMOSO Realty LLC and Owner.
  2. The Date The Property obtains a Occupancy Permit, if property is located in municipality that requires Occupancy permits. (note it is owner’s responsibility to order and obtain the occupancy permit for The Property.
  3. Rent Ready work is complete and Owner notifies AMOSO Realty LLC in writing the property is ready to show.

Authorization to market The Property under this Guarantee:

Owner agrees AMOSO Realty LLC can begin marketing the property, even if it is before the “Quick Lease Start Date” per the aforementioned Rental Listing Contract.

Qualified Prospect:

AMOSO Realty LLC shall have met its obligation under this guarantee upon delivery of  a Rental Applicant that meets the following criteria:

  1. Prospect now “Applicant” filled out an application and paid application fee
  2. Applicant/s’ Gross Monthly Income is equal to or Greater than three (3) time the Requested Monthly Rent
  3. Applicant/s’ Credit Score is 625 or higher (if multiple party application, one financially responsible party must meet this criteria)
  4. Applicant/s’ Do not have any Evictions or Landlord Actions in the Past Ten (10) Years
  5. Applicant/s’ Criminal History is Clean with the exception of Traffic Violations
  6. Applicant/s’ is/are not on the Sex Offender List or registary
  7. Applicant/s’ is/are ready to move in with in forty five (45) days of Application Date.

Conditions of Guarantee:

  1. Owner is Responsible for Ordering and obtaining necessary municipal occupancy inspections and permits.
  2. Guarantee is met if Owner decides to accept applicant that does not meet all of the “Qualified Prospect” criteria within the 30 day time frame
  3. Guarantee is not offered to Housed offered to Subsidized Housing and HUD funded voucher program recipients such as Section 8.

Failure to Perform:

Should AMOSO Realty LLC fail to find a Qualified Prospect as defined in the agreement with in 30 days from the Quick Lease Start Date, AMOSO will refund the Owner One
Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($1,250.00) within 15 business days of the 30 day time frame expiration.  AMOSO Realty LLC shall also agree to meet the terms of the Rental Listing Agreement signed by Owner and AMOSO Realty LLC for the term of the agreement, with no additional compensation.  The Owner may also elect to renew the aforementioned Rental Listing Agreement, for up to Sixty (60) Days at no additional fee to the Owner.


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