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Conditions Of Service

  1. All Leasing Services require Leasing Fee to paid up front, unless Rent Collection Package is Selected.
  2. “Quick-Lease Guarantee” is subject to following Limitations
    1. Property must have valid occupancy permit for move-in prior to 30 day time-frame commencing
    2. Guarantee is met upon delivery of applicant/s that meet the following “thumbs up criteria:
      1. Applicant/s monthly gross income is equal to or greater than three times the monthly rent.
      2. Credit Score 600 or higher (or stated minimum credit score in Guarantee Document)
      3. Clean criminal history other then traffic violations
      4. No eviction or landlord actions in past 7 years
      5. Not on sex offender list
      6. Applicant ready to move in with-in 45 days of application date
    3. Guarantee met if owner decides to accept applicant that does not meet all “Thumbs-Up” criteria within the 30 day time frame.
    4. Guarantee not offered for houses offered to Subsidized housing recipients such as Section 8 or HUD based voucher holders
  3. Funds in owner’s account must cover TOTAL amount of Bill to be paid, or it will be left unpaid.  Multiple bills will be paid greatest to least based on Fund availability
  4. AMOSO Realty LLC and its subsidiaries WILL NOT Pay Mortgages, Property Insurance or Real Estate Tax Bills for an Owner
  5. Must maintain a Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) reserve per property in Owner Account for this level of service
  6. Emergency Maintenance that constitutes immediate response is rare.  Emergency Items are heating and cooling Extreme weather Temperatures above 85ºF and below 45ºF, and unstoppable water flow causing damage to property.  Emergency calls will be billed at Emergency Vendor Rates + 10% mark up.
  7. Labor Rates is $43/hour for general Maintenance.  Material is billed at cost + 10% mark up.  Vendor Invoices will incur 10% mark up to AMOSO Realty LLC dba AMOSO Properties.
  8. For Non-Emergency Maintenance, AMOSO will not enter a unit without prior tenant knowledge and approval.
  9. If after Tenant approval, Tenant does not cooperate or allow entry to the unit for maintenance, a $65 trip charge will be assessed, payable by owner.  Charge can added to Tenants ledger, if signed up for Rent collection service, at owner’s discretion.  Placing units under management on the AMOSO Master Key Program is a good way to help prevent this.
  10. Must e signed up for a Rent Collection Package to utilize these services
  11. This notice has no legal consequences, it is simply a tactic to attempt to collect rent due
  12. Eviction refers to Rent and Possession Proceedings.  AMOSO Relaty LLC and its affiliates do not provide Legal Council.  If owners utilize these services, the service will be provided by an Attorney approved by AMOSO Realty LLC.
  13. Inspections and associated reports are provided for informational purposes only, there is no guarantee additional defects won’t be found at property after inspection.  AMOSO representatives have no professional Inspection certifications
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