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AMOSO Properties

St. Louis Property Management

AMOSO Properties is the top property management firm for investment properties in St. Louis. Our company was founded in 2010, as our president took advantage of the investment property opportunities in the region. When the company was founded, the goal was to purchase investment properties and manage our own investments. However, we quickly grew to accommodate new partners and help them manage their own St. Louis Investment Properties. We specialize in applying expert management techniques to all of our investment properties, ensuring that our owners increase their bottom lines while our tenants enjoy the chance to live in quality, affordable housing.

We look forward to expanding our partnerships and increasing the number of investment properties that we manage in St. Louis County. Our full range of services are available to investment property owners in St. Charles who have multiple properties, and we also provide the same services and benefits to Ballwin property owners who need to rent out their property while they wait for the market to rebound. Regardless of how many investment properties our partners own, we manage them with expert care. We treat each investment as if it were our own, allowing our partners to maximize the benefits of investment property ownership without increasing the demands on their time.

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