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By Signing above, you agree to the monthly payment amount above, and agree to have AMOSO Realty LLC draft a lease with these agreed upon charges and payment terms.

Our Standard Due Date is the 1st Day of Every Month. We do not allow a “Grace Period.” Rent will be considered late the 2nd day of the month, and Late Fees will be applied if we have not received full payment by Midnight the 1st of the month. Late Fees equal 10% of Total Balance Due.
We understand that sometimes a person’s pay schedule is more condusive for a payment date later in the month. This is why we provide the opportunity for you right now to select a different day of the month to be your due date. There is an additional monthly adminsitrative fee of $10/mo if you choose to take advantage of this option.

If you are going to struggle paying on the first we encourage you take advantage this option, after your lease is signed, the due date cannot be changed without a lease modificaton, which costs $75.

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