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Not A Problem – Just some Logistics

We Just need to make sure we handle this transition Legally and Ethically.  We have a few follow-up questions for you and we’ll need Proof of Termination.  If you don’t have it yet, No Sweat! We can even draft your Termination Letter for you and you’ll have it when your done filling out this Form!  Later we’ll collect your current Manager’s information so we can make sure this goes smoothly!

Pause – We Have to HOLD

Unfortunately until you are sure you are going to cancel with your Current Management Company and you are willing to at Least provide a Termination Letter at the Completion of this process, we can not go any further.  It is Unethical and against Missouri Real Estate License Law for a Licensed Real Estate Professional to conduct transnational duties on a property that is under another firms Real Estate Contract.  When you Decide your ready to terminate with your current Manager, by either providing termination notice yourself or Letting us do it on your behalf, we can continue.


Are you Sure? Let AMOSO Do the Heavy Lifting for you!

We make this process painless for you.  Your Current Property Manager will get a polite Termination Email, that comes from YOU.  We will request Immediate termination, yet inform them you and AMOSO will honor any termination notification period they have in their contract with you, if they wish to enforce it.  Your Current Manager will get our Contact information and then we can take the lead on making this transition happen smoothly for You.  AMOSO keeps everything above board and Professional.  This is a common part of the Property Management Business and most Managers are cooperative, yet even if your current manager is not, We know how to deal with that as well.  So Are you Sure? . . Let AMOSO make sure this process goes smoothly for you and do the HEAVY LIFTING!

AMOSO Contract Start Date:

We now have the information we need to set your Start Date.  Ideally we will start Tomorrow!  However, if you have another manager currently involved and we had to provide a termination letter for you, we will have to wait Until your current contract officially terminates.  Go ahead and Pick the Date you want AMOSO to start, and we will structure your Contract to reflect this or the date it needs to be in the future.   

How Do We Get In?

AMOSO is ready to Lease your Property!  We want to Look at it, Take Pictures and let the World know how AWESOME it is!  Then of course we want to Show it to your Potential Tenants. 

 We have to be able to get inside to do all of this.  

We have made it super Easy for you to get your Keys to us.   And if you don’t have them, Re can Re-Key it for you.

Got It!!

We already have your Current Manager’s Info.  

We will work with Him or Her to get the keys to your Property.


While your Tax I.D helps individualize the ownership of your property and we need that verification the main reason we need it, is to stay in the Good Graces of the IRS.  When all goes well we will be collected a Security deposit and 1st month’s rent for you.  We will pay these funds to you, and we are required to report this payment to the IRS. For this reason we will require you to sign a IRS W-9.  There is nothing special about this form with us, however, if you would like to review it, now is your chance.

Leasing Listing Agreement 1 property - web format(v2)

You will be asked to digitally sign that your reviewed this document at the end of this sign up  process, so we require a full review.  You have to read/scroll all the way to the bottom before you can check that you have reviewed it.

Is your Rental Property Rent Ready?

Simply Put, If AMOSO had a tenant Ready to move-in tomorrow (We just might), is your Property Ready?  Is all the work complete?  If required does it have the appropriate municiple inspections and Occupancy Permits?  If your not quite ready – NO WORRIES – AMOSO is here to HELP!  We will just ask you a few questions to see where your at, and help you make the appropriate selections so AMOSO can help you get your Property Rented as fast as Possible!

Inspection Service:

If your homes are Ready to Go and need to get Past the Occupancy Inspections, AMOSO has you covered! We will order, Schedule and attend the Inspection with the Inspector.  If their items the inspector says need to be completed to pass, We will notify you, and provide a bid to do the work by one of Our qualified contractors.  Once work is confirmed completed, We will order a re-inspection, and meet the inspector again.  Once Occupancy is approved, AMOSO will obtain the Permit and provide a copy to you for your Records.

Cost: $250 per House – (includes the municipal/inspection permit fee) 

Nice to Meet You!

AMOSO Properties is Excited to work with you, and we have made getting your property Professionally managed pretty Darn EASY!  FIRST thing FIRST though.

AMOSO Realty LLC d.b.a. AMOSO Properties is a Missouri Licensed Real Estate Brokerage.  We are required by Law to make the following Disclosure prior to entering into any Real Estate Relationship with a Potential Client.  Please Read the following Missouri Broker Disclosure Form.  Once you Check that you have read this form, We can start the Process of Learning about your Property or Properties!

Contract Review

We’re Getting Excited about your Investment Real Estate!  Its time to start collecting the Information needed to fill out the Legal Agreement, so AMOSO can Professionally Lease your Property for you.  As with any Legal Document you should review it before agreeing to Sign.  At the End of this process you will be asked to digitally sign a Landlord Agency Agreement, a Lead Based Paint Disclosure (required by Law) a Simple Direct Deposit form, and a W-9 Tax Document.  We only require that you review the “Landlord Agency Agreement” to be able to complete this process, however, you have the opportunity now to review all of the Documents.  All Documents you select below will appear with a link to the full document and a video explaining each document.

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Review your Selections

Take a moment to Review your selections requiring payment before checkout and Contract Signing.

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